3 Perfect holiday looks for petite ladies

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Petite women always find it difficult to find clothes that fit them. Often they will have to buy and item and then send it for alterations. Some discount shopping online websites do offer petite lines that include styles that make petite women feel comfortable. However, choosing the right combination can be tricky. Here are 3 perfect holiday looks for petite ladies.

Wide leg pants- Wide leg pants are not only for tall ladies; they also provide added length for those who are petite. Look for geometric prints that command attention. You could even choose a jumpsuit that will reduce the hassle of locating a matching top. For more height, slip on a pair of gem-crusted Complete your outfit with a simple clutch that matches the color of your shoes.

Adding texture – Adding texture to your wardrobe will provide more potential style combinations. Include pieces in velvet and satin in the form of trousers or a dress. Pair your outfit with a chic pair of pumps with cutoffs to give the illusion of height. Finish your looks with accessories, like a statement necklace and a clutch.

Modified LBD – Wear your LBD with a turtleneck underneath to add length to your frame. Add a pair of lace up heels and you have the perfect outfit for a seasonal event.

When selecting items from online shopping portals, make sure you narrow your searches to include your size and the designs you are looking for.


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