Best way to make reservations at Angelina tea house

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Any Paris vacation would not be complete without the trip to the Louvre Palace and the mandatory visit to the Angelina tea house. After your trip to the Museum, you just need to walk for a few minutes, in order to have a great dining experience. You will understand why this century-old tearoom is still considered as a Parisian institution, when you take one look at it.

However, on several occasions people have to wait for a long time in queues just to find a place inside the tea house. Therefore, a better option would be to reserve your spot at least a few days before you are planning to go there.

You can make reservations at Angelina Tea House, either by phone or by the website. Tourists can easily book online at restaurants both in Rivoli or Maillot. However, reservation is only possible for breakfast, brunch and lunch. You cannot make reservation for Angelina’s afternoon tea, which is actually a shame. This is because Angelina’s afternoon tea is considered to be a combination of pure delight and mouth-watering treats. You do not want to go to this heavenly place and miss going inside because of long queues.

You can purchase some sweet treats, such as its delectable desserts and pastries, for yourself to enjoy later. The Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Toffee would be a perfect indulgence as you go home and want to have a relaxing time. These fine and delicious truffles would surely sweeten an already unforgettable Paris experience.


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