Hair styles for busy moms

In these modern times, it is important to maintain your appearance as it reflects directly on your personality. It is quite difficult for moms, who are not only busy with taking care of their kids, but also have an equally demanding job.

However, your busy schedule should not be the reason to stop you from looking good. The best way to enhance your appearance is to style your hair in different and easy ways. We have put together several easy and chic hairstyles for busy moms from salons like Danie’s Beauty Salon. These hairstyles are possible to achieve in a short time, while still making sure that you look great. These include the following:

Side French Braid: A trendy braid is a great option for busy moms as it not only keeps the hair off the face, but also makes you look elegant and pretty. You can follow these steps to achieve this awesome hairstyle:

Part the hair from the side of the head and divide it into 3 sections.

Add a section from the inside to the braid.

When you get to the neck end, continue with a normal braid. With the other side section of the hair you can make a braid.

Finish off this look, twist the two and pin it up at the back.

Top Knot: This hairstyle is perfect for those busy moms who do not have the time to be bothered by taking care of their hair, especially during summer time. It also gives your face a perfect lift. Follow these steps to get this trendy look:

Tie your hair back on top of your head with elastic.

Then twist the hair in a bun on top of the head.

Let it be loose on your head and allow few strands to fall out gently.

You can use a few hair pins to secure your bun.

Beach Waves: This hairstyle gives beautiful texture to your hair. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to do on your own, especially when you have so much to do throughout the day. Busy moms can easily make this hair style by these steps:

Divide the hair into 5 sections, while it is still wet.

Twist your hair in such a way that they become tight and close to the head.

Then make sure that your hair is completely dried, preferably with the help of a hair dryer.

When it is completely dry, loosen the hair. You can enjoy your natural beach waves.

An important tip is that if you are going for this hairstyle, then it is best to use a spray on wet hair. This will help hold the texture of your hair, making your waves look more natural.

Topsy Tail: It is a simple and effective pony tail with a twist, for everyday use. You can get this look by doing the following:

Tie the hair in a low pony at the nape of your neck.

Loosen the pony near the neck and make a gap in-between the two. Flip the pony in-between the two sides.

Do this twice. This gives beautiful twists and keeps the hair off your face.

You can finish off this look by spraying the front with a hair spray.

Criss-Cross Loose Bun: You can achieve this easy hairstyle by following these steps:

Pull out two sections of your hair in the front.

Make a loose pony at the nape of the hair.

Then make a bun at the back.

Next take the two hair sections, which we kept out and cross them over at the back.

Finally, pin them to the bun.

All these easy and trendy hairstyles are aimed at the busy moms who have so much to do and very limited time in between visits to Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA.. These tips could give a great boost to their personality, thus enhancing their look and confidence.

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