Matching Vintage Styles with Jewellery and Clothes

vintage-broochIf you’re a fan of the flapper-style dresses of Lady Mary from the hit show Downton Abbey, then you’ll be pleased to know that dressing in that style isn’t too difficult. You’ll want some art deco rings, and a few other pieces for your hair and neckline, but you’ll be a hit at all the major parties with a distinct look no one can replicate.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, learning how to match styles is half the battle won.


Antique jewellery is key to pulling this look off. One of the best methods to find estate jewellery, like antique engagement rings, is to go to an estate sale. If you shop at a dealer, you can find authentic jewellery that was probably handmade decades ago. Reputable and licensed dealers will usually have certifications for the jewellery they sell.

If you can’t find the look you want, you can opt for custom jewellery from Toronto. Each piece is handmade in the same traditions as years gone by, resulting in a beautiful keepsake you can pass down to future generations. You can combine styles, such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, to create something truly timeless.


Velour, silk and other lighter fabrics were popular in that time. Art Deco is a richer style, conveying culture and taste, so you should spare no expense in shawls and dresses. Frocks were also very popular, as were fringed dresses. Dangling fabric is a wonderful accoutrement in most vintage-style fine clothing.

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