Steal This Look: Layered Gold Chains

First, there were statement necklaces, then baubles and charm bracelets. Now the trend that is catching on across the world is vintage gold and silver chains. This is a style that can be modified to suit individual tastes perfectly. Wear as few as two gold chains or load up on layers to pull off a look that is uniquely yours and makes a bold fashion statement!

The layered look exploded in the hip hop community years ago, but now it has expanded and been modified to include religious crosses, Virgin Mary pendants, and even chokers to evoke a variation on the traditional style. What’s even better is that the layered look works well with other accessories as well. Pair layered chains with oversized hoop earrings, chunky bracelets, or even one distinctive earring that makes for a truly singular style.

For those considering getting layered up, there are a slew of ways to work this style and they works with any woman’s personal tastes. Wear a plunging top to frame a few layered chains or slip on a classic white tee to use as the perfect backdrop for a few plunging Christian crosses. If you are truly an adventurous type when it comes to style, pair gold and silver together with stacked rings or go one step further with a nameplate. Whatever your intentions, the sky is the limit with the layered look. You simply cannot go wrong!

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