The Beauty Of Spring Makeup

Makeup strategies usually must be reassessed per season, and during the spring, you may find yourself looking at new ways to create a look you love. The following are some tips to consider to change it up and keep it exciting during the spring.

Say Goodbye to Foundation

During the winter months, applying foundation is fine as the colder months and your face can deal with the heavy weight. During the spring, however, these foundations can be a headache when the sun is beaming. Invest in some CC creams that contain SPF30 and leaves skin with a radiant look that defies the conventional.

Serums Over Moisturizers

In the colder, wintery months, skin can produce more oil than in the hotter months. Instead of moisturizers, try a light serum that actually penetrates the skin and hydrates more effectively.


Primers help the makeup you apply last longer and some also blur any skin imperfections you may have. A great primer on the market is made from L’Oreal: their Studio Secrets base is a great product to have when needed.

Exfoliation Is Your Friend

If you don’t know by now that exfoliation is the key to amazing skin, then take notes! Removing old skin cells is a must in order to showcase the glowing skin that lies just beneath the layers. Three times a week, exfoliate your face to get gorgeous skin. An organic exfoliation method is brown sugar mixed with olive oil.

Waterproof Mascara

The hotter it gets, the more important waterproof makeup is. Waterproof mascara that lasts as long as your day goes on is an absolute must and finding the perfect brand to get you through the day is the first step in ensuring brilliant makeup.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a passionate hair and makeup blogger based out of the US. Dev Randhawa follows the latest trends in hair and makeup online.

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