The Many Differences between Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia

Have you ever mistaken someone’s white gold cubic zirconia ring for the real thing before?  The accurate answer here is that you wouldn’t have any way of knowing that a ring is fake unless the owner told you herself!  It might be shocking to learn that the average Joe cannot tell the difference between real diamonds and cubic zirconia.  The reason for this is that cubic zirconia looks almost exactly the same as diamonds.  Only skilled jewelers can actually tell the difference between the two materials.

Cubic zirconia has become an incredibly popular alternative to diamonds in recent years.  It was discovered in 1892, but it didn’t enter its profit-making prime until many years later.  Cubic zirconia started to be mass produced in the year 1976.  It became extremely main stream in the 1980’s.  One of the reasons that it became very popular for commercial production is that it looks strikingly similar to real diamonds at a fraction of the cost.  Cubic zirconia offers some major advantages as it is extremely flexible to work with.  Cubic zirconia is manufactured from synthetic substances.

While diamonds and cubic zirconia may share a similar appearance, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.  Cubic zirconia is very different than diamonds in a few ways.  First of all, cubic zirconia can be totally colorless while diamonds tend to have a tint of yellow or brown.  It’s incredibly rare to find diamonds that are entirely color-free.  Both diamonds and cubic zirconia can be made into an assortment of colors, though.

Due to cubic zirconia’s malleability, it can easily be used to make many different types of jewelry.  That means that you can find or design 14 CZ jewelry in a variety of cuts, styles, and colors.  Whether you want earrings in a rosy pink or canary yellow, that can easily be achieved with CZ.

Cubic zirconia is made from synthetic material and is synthesized in order to look like diamonds.  Diamonds on the other hand, are naturally occurring minerals.  Both materials have a hard texture.  Cubic zirconia is one of the hardest gemstone, however, diamonds are harder than cubic zirconia.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between the two materials is the price.  Diamonds are extremely costly while cubic zirconia is much cheaper.  You can easily find the engagement ring of your dreams for a much lower price than real diamonds.


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