Tips for a Safe Colored Contact Lens Experience

Summary: If you’re new to colored contact lenses, you might be wondering whether they are actually safe for your eyes. Here are some tips to help you get started.

If you are looking for a new way to experiment with your look, colored contact lenses can offer a dramatic, and stylish, change.

Popular amongst celebrities like Selena Gomez, colored contact lenses are becoming an everyday fashion trend for many. But, are they truly safe for the eyes? You have likely heard some horror stories that are circulating. Without enough care, you can pull off a pair of colored contacts without damaging your eyes in the process.

Consult with a Professional Beforehand

People tend to run into trouble when they look outside their eye doctor for their colored contacts. These lenses are medical devices and not a toy. Although there are some outstanding deals online, some retailers work in a legally gray area and doing business with them may not be in your best interest. Technically, even if you do not wear corrective lenses, you will need a professional fitting.

Only Use Reputable Brands

While it may be possible to order colored contacts online or pick them up at your local retail store, any brand that does not require a prescription should not be trusted. If you manage to see an optometrist to be fitted, you are likely going to receive a safe product.

The common issue with these unverified brands is that they aren’t shaped according to your eye. Remember, all corneas are not equal. Your eye requires a lens that fits. By wearing contact lenses that do not correctly fit your eye you run the risk of infection, irritation, and even potential blindness if an infection gets out of control.

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