Why Antique Shops Have Better Finds

Guest post is provided by Cynthia Findlay Antiques, a dealer specializing in vintage jewellery and collectables. Please visit the website for more information.

Vintage jewellery and clothing is often inspired by something before its time. An interesting thing you may note about fashion is that styles are often taken from something that was popular years ago. Current trends are recycling fashion from the 1980s with billowy loose tops and leggings. Similarly, the Victorian era also borrowed from the renaissance and middle ages. Just like artists, fashion designers and jewelry trend setters need inspiration to create new designs. They will generally wait for something to go out of style for a while and bring it back after it has been forgotten. Once a fashion returns, it is considered vintage and can be highly valuable. Vintage rings are gorgeous and since the release of the popular new film, The Great Gatsby, it looks like the 1920s will be returning.

It is recommended that you make a treasure hunt through antique jewelry stores to find a piece of vintage wear that you like. Jewelry in good condition will look much better than cheap plastic imitation jewelry and give you certain elegance. Antique jewelry is the perfect addition to an ensemble for wine tastings, art shows and other parties encouraging cultural expression.

Art deco rings are a beautiful vintage style that was popular in the 20s and 30s. Due to the revolt against the extravagance of the turn of the century and the ability to mass produce fine jewelry, costume jewelry and art deco became more and more popular. Because jewelry was now being mass produced, it became more accessible to the masses. Art deco rings currently are very popular as engagement rings for brides who want a classic look.

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